RNA Structure Prediction (Methods in Molecular Biology #2586) (Hardcover)

RNA Structure Prediction (Methods in Molecular Biology #2586) By Risa Karakida Kawaguchi (Editor), Junichi Iwakiri (Editor) Cover Image

RNA Structure Prediction (Methods in Molecular Biology #2586) (Hardcover)


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1. Rtools: A Web Server for Various Secondary Structural Analyses on Single RNA Sequences

Yukiteru Ono and Kiyoshi Asai

2. Linear-Time Algorithms for RNA Structure Prediction

He Zhang, Liang Zhang, Kaibo Liu, Sizhen Li, David H. Mathews, and Liang Huang

3. Genome-Wide RNA Secondary Structure Prediction

Risa Karakida Kawaguchi and Hisanori Kiryu

4. Nucleic Acid Structure Prediction Including Pseudoknots through Direct Enumeration of States: A User's Guide to the LandscapeFold Algorithm

Ofer Kimchi, Michael P. Brenner, and Lucy J. Colwell

5. Metrics for RNA Secondary Structure Comparison

Feiqi Wang, Tatsuya Akutsu, and Tomoya Mori

6. RNA Secondary Structure Prediction Based on Energy Models

Manato Akiyama and Kengo Sato

7. RNA Secondary Structure Alteration Caused by Single Nucleotide Variants

Risa Karakida Kawaguchi and Hisanori Kiryu

8. Evolutionary Conservation of RNA Secondary Structure

Maria Beatriz Walter Costa

9. Network-Based Structural Alignment of RNA Sequences Using TOPAS

Chun-Chi Chen, Hyundoo Jeong, Xiaoning Qian, and Byung-Jun Yoon

10. Fast RNA-RNA Interaction Prediction Methods for Interaction Analysis of Transcriptome-Scale Large Datasets

Tsukasa Fukunaga and Michiaki Hamada

11. Web Services for RNA-RNA Interaction Prediction

Tsukasa Fukunaga, Junichi Iwakiri, and Michiaki Hamada

12. ResidualBind: Uncovering Sequence-Structure Preferences of RNA-Binding Proteins with Deep Neural Networks

Peter K. Koo, Matt Ploenzke, Praveen Anand, Steffan Paul, and Antonio Majdandzic

13. RNA Structure Determination by High-Throughput Structural Analysis

Naoki Takizawa

14. RNA 3D Modeling with FARFAR2, Online

Andrew Watkins and Rhiju Das

15. Automated 3D Design and Evaluation of RNA Nanostructures with RNAMake

Chris P. Jurich and Joseph D. Yesselman

16. RNA 3D Structure Comparison Using RNA-Puzzles Toolkit

Marcin Magnus and Zhichao Miao

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Publisher: Humana
Publication Date: January 28th, 2023
Pages: 290
Language: English
Series: Methods in Molecular Biology