Act of Atonement (Paperback)

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Act of Atonement (Paperback)


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When Dr. Jim Bob Brady goes to visit his uncle Howard on the eve of Howard's liver transplant

for cirrhosis and cancer at University Hospital, Uncle Howard tells Brady a shocking story: he murdered

his best friend in his younger days, back when he was a vagabond and rode the rails. Fearing he might

not survive the surgery he asks Brady to try and locate the family of the victim and make amends as best

as possible. Unfortunately, Howard's fears are realized, and he dies in surgery. In his uncle's honor,

Brady decides to undertake the daunting task of identifying a murder victim from thirty years ago with

only a nickname and a location.

While Brady investigates, Howard's family decides to sue University Hospital for negligence, and Brady is

torn between loyalty to his hospital and loyalty to his uncle's family---Brady's family. Was there medical

negligence? Should his uncle even have been a candidate for the transplant in the first place? And who

is the mysterious technician who may have played a part?

Brady calls on his son J.J. and J.J.'s private investigation firm to help ferret out fact from fiction. As the

story unfolds, and with the help of his beloved wife Mary Louise, Brady tries to determine whether his

efforts will result in a colossal waste of time or in an act of atonement for the murderous deeds of his

deceased uncle.

Product Details ISBN: 9798986159621
Publisher: John Bishop
Publication Date: January 8th, 2023
Pages: 228
Language: English