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Thank you for your interest in placing your book at Snowbound Books.  If your book has been published by an established publisher or distributor (Ingram) that we order from on a regular basis, and we decide to carry it, we will purchase it directly from that source. If that is the case, you are welcome to send us notification of your book's publication to

If your book is self-published or not readily available through our normal wholesalers or is only available on a short discount/non-returnable basis, we offer you the opportunity for us to sell it on a consignment basis. On consignment, the book remains the property of the consignor until sold. Snowbound Books is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged merchandise. If you would like your book considered for stock, please follow our consignment guidelines:

  •  For books that are accepted on consignment, a $20 non-refundable fee (cash or check only) is required for each submission. This fee helps pay for the extra labor involved in putting your book on our website, tracking inventory, and payments for each title. We require a signed Consignment Agreement form.   If you are established author with us, this fee may be waived.
  • We prefer that consignment requests be made in writing, via email. To submit a book for consideration, please fill out our consignment sales agreement and email a one-paragraph letter including your contact information, book title, ISBN, and price information, along with promotional materials, publicity plans, target audience, and any connections to Snowbound Books and/or the Upper Peninsula area. These materials should be sent to If we feel your book may have a market with our customers, we will contact you.
    • NOTE: Walk-ins are also acceptable, but we may not be able to make an immediate decision. We will email you our decision within a week.
  • Our standard consignment terms are: We take a 40% discount (i.e., 60% of sales go to the author) and we keep consigned books in stock for a minimum of 90 days (depending on sales).  Payment is made four times a year, in April, July, October and January.  It is the author’s responsibility to delivery new inventory and pick up unsold inventory.  Please review our consignment form for our specific consignment terms.
  • The decision made by our buyers is final.  As with all inventory we carry in the store, we retain the right for any final decision not to carry a book if we believe it doesn’t fit the store philosophy or our market.


We usually have 1-2 yearly local author events. We have found that there is more attendance at multi-author events than an event for an individual author. On the rare occasion, we will consider doing a book signing for authors whose book is selling well at our bookstore. For more information and to apply for a local author event, please email

 We are proud to support local authors through our consignment program. We do our best to provide shelf space for consignment books, while still keeping in mind our inventory needs and the interests of our customers. We look forward to reviewing your work and thank you for your interest in Snowbound Books.

 Questions?  Email  We do not accept phone calls for consignment questions.  Please make sure you have reviewed our consignment form before sending us questions.



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