What are Snowbound's hours?
10am-6pm Monday through Friday, and 10am-5pm weekends.

Where are you located?
Find us at 118 North Third Street in Marquette, Michigan.
We're halfway up the hill between Washington & Bluff St. We have a big sign, so we're hard to miss!

Do you have parking nearby?
Yes. There is a two-tier parking ramp off of Bluff Street.
The bottom parking area is metered--but free on weekends. The upper parking area is accessible by permit only.
There is metered parking on all the streets surrounding Snowbound as well.

Do you sell used books?
We do sell used books. We don't have them listed on our website, so you'll have to visit us (or call) to peruse our current selection. 

Do you buy used books?
Short answer: yes.
Long answer: see here.

Will you sell the book I wrote?
We are currently not accepting books on consignment.

Do you have a local authors section/books on Michigan?
We have a nice variety of books by local authors--or of local interest--that are spread throughout genres. Check out our curated selection of Michigan Books  to get a sampling of what we have on-hand. 

Do you have audiobooks?
We have some audiobooks in-store that are ready to be picked up.
If you prefer to download audiobooks straight to your devices, we're partnered with Libro.fm, where you can purchase and listen to audiobooks on your own schedule. For more info click here.

Do you have a bathroom?
We sure do! Don't forget to wash your hands.

Can I special order books? How?
You can definitely special order books. We're able to accept orders through our website, phone, or email. 

I see you around town all the time--is that a good way to order my next book?
You may think it's convenient to order a book from one of us if you happen to bump into us at the grocery store.
However, this is actually the most convenient way to guarantee that your order will not be filled in any way.
If you want to order a book, do so through web, phone, or email!

A book isn't listed as available on your website--can you help me find it anyways?
Sure thing! We are always willing to do searches in a secondary market for books that are out of print or hard to find. Please contact us through phone or email if you're looking for a rarer book.

Do you ship books?
We absolutely do. We ship books all around the United States every day--and sometimes to Canada. 

Can I buy a Snowbound gift card?
Yes! You can either pick them up in-store or get them mailed to you. Purchase one here.

Do you gift wrap?
We gift wrap for any special occasion free of charge. If you're ordering a book online that needs to be gift wrapped, don't forget to click the "this is a gift" box at checkout. 

Do you sell periodicals?
Unfortunately we have limited space, so we do not carry any periodicals at this time.

Do you have greeting cards/postcards?
We have both! Pay us a visit to see what we have.

Do you sell journals?
We have -dare I say- one of the finest collections of journals available in Marquette County--if not the whole Upper Peninsula. Visit us to see our current selection.

Are there more books upstairs?
Nope, just an apartment. 

Does SB deliver?
We deliver books to nursing homes and assisted living homes. If you're medically unable to make it to Snowbound in person, please give us a phone call--we'll work something out!

I can't remember the title of a book--what do I do!?
Step one: try not to panic.
Step two: visit your friendly booksellers at Snowbound Books. We have a fantastic collective memory of books, and would love to do some detective work for you! 

Do you sell textbooks?
We do not.  That is a whole different industry. 

Do you accept cash/check/credit cards?
We accept all three! We do have a $10 credit card minimum.

Any recommendations?
If your to-read list is running low, take a peek at our Staff Picks for some fresh books that we've been reading & loving.

Can I order a book before it comes out?
Need a book the day it comes out? Make sure we set one aside for you by placing a preorder!