Ray started Snowbound in 1984 with 10,000 used books that he'd collected over the years.  The store took up only half the space it does now, and he had a little area for kites in the back.  Soon after he opened, the city announced that it needed to work on the infstructure of Third Street, so there Ray was with a fledgling little business facing a big mud pit. But the community decided that it needed a bookstore, and they came.

Well, the kites are long gone, and the store has expanded to fill the entire first floor of the building and now carries new and used books, as well as cards, journals, reading glasses and other book related paraphernalia.  In the last two and a half decades, Ray built Snowbound from a one man operation to one of the oldest and most successful bookstores in the Midwest. Dianne and Dana have been with him for much of that time, and both are proud to call Snowbound home.