Meet the Menagerie

If you've visited us before and you have a sharp eye, you may have noticed a few creatures loitering about our bookshelves.
These critters are actually an essential part of our staff--as they are experts regarding our childrens, middle reader, and young adult sections!

Owliver: Loves hoo-dunnits & puzzles. He considers himself the smartest of the group and really enjoys solving mysteries and mindbenders. Read owl about his picks here.

Sir Malcolm: The oldest of the bunch, Malcolm is drawn to history of all kinds. And as a knight, he always enjoys a good adventure - whether there are dragons or not. Seek and find ye his finest tomes here!

Harriet: She may look intimidating, but she has a great sense of humor. She loves books that tickle her funny bone. Harriet's a mischevious one, and the SB staff often find themself subject to her pranks. Fly on over to her favorites here.

Plotsky: He's a huge fan of the great outdoors, as well as anything he can chase, lick, or sniff. Take a look at Plotsky's doggone favorite nature reads here.

Ghoti (pronounced fish): As a Pisces, he tends to be more emotional then the rest. He likes books that make him smile, especially when everyone lives happily ever after. Fun Fact: Ghoti is also Owliver & Plotsky's cousin! Swim over to Ghoti's picks here.